Bringing communities together

We become a local for a day!

Our small towns are full of history,  awesome people, places and community spirit that makes every town unique.

We meet some awesome people with awesome stories to tell!

Our host comedian becomes a

local for the day whilst exploring the people and the places of interest within a small town.

We capture the spirit, culture, history and people of the small town all on a documentary. 

WE ARE HERE Wycheproof!

Enjoy this video about a small town located in the Mallee district of Victoria, all made possible by the Strategic Marketing Alliance we created with a small business called FLASH MARKET!

WE ARE HERE Chillagoe!

Regardless where the small town is community spirit is found.  

The team headed to a small town in far north Queensland thanks to the Post Office Hotel and rising country music star Becci Nethery.


If you know a small town that needs to be celebrated drop us a line!

Your invitation if you are in business:

You are invited to become a strategic marketing alliance partner if you are:

  1. socially conscious and genuinely care about the sustainability of our small towns
  2. looking for a way to engage with a small town and say "we care"
  3. care about preserving our history and culture of our small towns
  4. have a product or service that will be of benefit to a small community

If you answered yes to any of these questions why not send us a

 message below and we will be in touch.

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