Some of our supporters

What a dynamic and exciting alliance!

Helping small businesses in 

small towns prosper.  One town at a time!

Our AWESOME media team! 

Nathan and Rob: CHAMPIONS! 

Many, many MANY dedicated hours 

go into the WE ARE HERE 

doco pre, during and post production 

to bring you the AWESOME docos.

Well what can we say about Dov, 

our very own dedicated travel agent?

Dov is AWESOME!  

Next time you are traveling 

contact us for Dov's details.

Did you know that the TOMCAR is 

HAND MADE in Melbourne?

The TOMCAR team are AWESOME to deal with and provide the team with a TOMCAR for expos when we are "ON SHOW" 


THIS is a prime example of what happens when one person has an idea to help 

small businesses and just goes for it! 

Matt and his team made 

WE ARE HERE Wycheproof possible!  Thanks guys!

and finally....

To this bloke who is our "poster boy", always has a smile for everyone and puts a smile on so many peoples faces.