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By joining our business network you are not only supporting a national charity focused on the growth of small business and supporting small towns but you also get a membership to an exciting and unique way to grow your business and open up a whole new network of other like-minded business operators around the country.  

How does it work?

Here is how it works: 

There are two ways that you can join.

If the good old "barter" system is for you why not join JIMS TRADENET for only $20 per month and a 5% fee applied to the sales introduced to your business from fellow members of Jim’s TradeNet – that’s the only cost to you to attract new business to your business.  

OR you can join us as an alliance partner, help other businesses and  grow your business. 

Please contact us for a chat to see how we can all create a win win for small business in Australian AND support our rural communities. 

Build your brand and networks

We also provide you with the opportunity to do business with this network all whilst enhancing your turnover. 

We will also give you access to fellow like-minded business operators around the country in a variety of trades, products and services who you can network and trade with to grow your business.   

Our mission

Our mission is to increase tourism to small towns and support local businesses. 

Grow your business

We all want to grow our our business, help our fellow "man" and country so jump on board in 2018!

We mentioned Jims Tradenet before....

Jims TradeNet was developed by Jim Penman (you know the bloke who started a lawn mower business), then franchised it and has helped hundreds of passionate business and trades men and women start their own business in many industry sectors.  

Jim’s Tradenet  sets a new benchmark regarding "barter", by asserting the rules and regulations as they are meant to be as an effective way of doing business.   

The rest, as they say, is history! 2 years on and the network has had over 1,000 businesses join - strong and still growing.  

WHY? because it works!  

We are honoured to have Jim and his Jim’s TradeNet team to join us on our GREAT AUSTRALIAN BUSINESS REVIVAL mission! 

We welcome you to come and join the GREAT Australian Business revival.

Want to join? GREAT!  

Drop us a line below and we will be in touch.

We welcome you and your team.

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