Aussies Helping Aussies!

Charity begins at home

The Regional Australia Institute reports in 2015 that around 1 in 14 Australian's still called a small town home.

Wages are on average 13 per cent lower that that of the national average, the unemployment rate is close to 10 per cent higher than the national average and unfortunately, the suicide rate for men is 1.3 to 2.6 times higher.

And yet regional Australia is home to our primary producers who feed us. 

Natural disasters create economic and social stress that takes a toll on young and old.

Our farmers and their families are pretty resilient people and are knowledgeable as most learn from the generations before them.  

However, due to outside influences they need a hand UP not a hand OUT from time to time. Mental health matters to us.

Time to think of our own!

Imagine if 10% of every person who went on an overseas holiday went inland and became a local for the day, spent a few dollars in a small town, stayed at the local pub over night, met the locals and took in the history and community spirit?

Not only would our economy be fixed in a jiffy but out small towns would be given a new lease of life.

Come join us on out WE ARE HERE journey. 

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